Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DIGITAL ALBUM REVIEW - "American Storyteller" by Big Jay Oakerson

Submitted by Comedy Newswire reporter Chris Brown - Big Jay Oakerson (whom you may recognize as "Neill" the club owner from the hit IFC channel series, or from his appearances on Comedy Central, or BET) begins his new album from COMEDY CENTRAL RECORDS by humorously mocking the MC who introduces him - he says "that is a lot of bravado for a fat guy who's going to sit down!" After that sentence, practically nothing in this album can be quoted directly in a review, because Big Jay's style is as raw as raw can be. His topics are adult and without reservation, and his delivery is straightforward and smooth. One particularly funny section is about his unforgettable experience having sex with an overweight girl with a flat chest -he says that for just a moment, he felt like he was making love to himself. This is typical of his material - very funny stuff, just not something you'd want to play for children.

But Big Jay is not just a shock comic, he is exactly what he claims to be - a true "American Storyteller" who draws his comic inspiration from his strange and sordid experiences working in the trenches of the adult entertainment scene. Think of him as a 21st century Mark Twain, sharing his true experiences in a language appropriate to his subject matter - except that this Mark Twain is not a former riverboat pilot who transported genteel Southern ladies down the rolling Mississippi, but instead is a former adult club driver who transported strippers and escorts through the rocking streets of Philly.

So how to sum up "American Storyteller", by Big Jay Oakerson? If you're looking for family-friendly, this isn't the digital album for you - but if you want some raw, unadulterated adult comedy that will keep you laughing every time you listen, by all means get a hold of this album. So long, and enjoy the comedy!

Submitted by Comedy Newswire Reporter: Chris Brown

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